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Sonar with David Torn – Tranceportation Vol.1 [RareNoise 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Nov 17, 2019 0

What initially started as a follow-up of Vortex, eventually sprawled to more than 80 minutes of music and became a double album, whose second volume will be released in May 2020. In a move equal parts bold and conservative, Tranceportation Vol. 1 is moving the music of Sonar and their collaboration with David Torn ahead. Staying faithful to one of the rules that lies underneath the music of many Swiss postmininal musicians, that which says that minimal structures do not cage the music, instead unleash a new world of possibilities, Sonar and David Torn are now delving into new depths

Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar [MoonJune 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Jan 23, 2019 0

When I go to a concert I like to hear the ideas behind the actual music and how these ideas unfold and evolve over the course of time. In other words, I’m always interested in a process that is based on a good and interesting idea which is presented in a very clear and transparent way. The idea itself can be very simple, but it should have the potential to create complex and interesting results. With Sonar we often very slowly build up a piece where one instrument starts and then others join in. In that way, you can clearly… Continue reading

Quartet Diminished – Station Two [Hermes Records 2018]

By Marcello Nardi Jun 26, 2018 0

My goal was to form a band with musicians with different backgrounds and tastes. As a guitar player progressive and metal music have influenced me most. Our drummer, Rouzbeh Fadavi, comes from more jazzy background, our pianist, Mazyar Younesi, is graduated in classical music and also a conductor, and our woodwind player, Soheil Peyghambari, has more folk music background. Ehsan Sadigh, guitarist and one of the founders of Teheran based Quartet Diminished, points very clearly in his words at what were his purposes since the start of his band. Different identities collide in four different people’ backgrounds, western and eastern… Continue reading

Samuel Hällkvist – Variety of Rhythm [BoogiePost recordings 2017]

By Marcello Nardi Jan 11, 2018 0

English version Nella sua autobiografia il compositore John Adams racconta così il finale di Grand Pianola Music: ‘Inizia con un lungo e sostenuto accordo di settima dominante che pulsa e vibra per sessanta battute prima di sgorgare in un virtuale Niagara di arpeggi del pianoforte. Quel che segue é una melodia assolutamente familiare, una specie di Ur-Melodie. Pensate di averla già sentita, ma non riuscite a ricordare dove o quando. In realtà é un motivo originale’ [John Adams, Hallelujah Junction, EDT]. Questo passaggio mi é rivenuto in mente ascoltando Variety of Rhythm, una suite composta dal chitarrista svedese Samuel Hällkvist. Un lavoro che é più… Continue reading

Markus Reuter feat. Sonar and Tobias Reber – Falling for Ascension [Ronin Rhythm Records 2017]

By Marcello Nardi Dec 6, 2017 0

English version Su un muro della mia città, peraltro abbastanza coperto dal sole, campeggiava un verso del poeta Paul Eluard, Nulla potrà turbare l’ordine della luce. Mi é rivenuto in mente ascoltando Falling for Ascension di Markus Reuter, con Tobias Reber ed i Sonar. Un lavoro che posiziona l’ascoltatore in un mondo luminescente ed immobile, dove di fatto é lui il protagonista con la sua meditazione. Tutto é pervaso da un equilibrio tra la luce, il suo ordine rappresentato dalla disciplina minimalista, e la stabilità, la protezione dal turbamento dell’estasi e la meditazione. La storia di Falling for Ascension inizia quando Markus Reuter… Continue reading