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Katrine Amsler – Laslafaria (BoogiePost, 2020)

By Marcello Nardi Mar 13, 2020 0

There’s not much of the pompous, almost outgrageously Dionisyan, spirit of this folk music, made of riotous brasses and dancing heels here. Quoting the words by Amsler “the term ‘Guggenmusig’ is a reference to an ensemble that includes a group of people playing simple folk tunes, pop and children’s songs on a variety of percussion and brass instruments”. Lasfaria is, instead, a revisitation of the guggenmusig, filtered through the lens of dadaism, industrial, electronic, metal and ambient music.

Samuel Hällkvist Dekorum – Live [Boogiepost 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Dec 6, 2019 0

Conscious I am liable of that concise flattery typical of many magazines reviews, I can’t escape calling Samuel Hällkvist Dekorum live album as the perfect example of what would happen if “Bill Frisell played King Crimson’s Frame by Frame“. Boldly mixing americana flavors with flamboyant interlocking guitars within the framework of a raw and aggressive energy, the Swedish guitarist and his quartet Dekorum craft a piece of music that is way more intricate than it seems

Samuel Hällkvist – Variety of Rhythm [BoogiePost recordings 2017]

By Marcello Nardi Jan 11, 2018 0

English version Nella sua autobiografia il compositore John Adams racconta così il finale di Grand Pianola Music: ‘Inizia con un lungo e sostenuto accordo di settima dominante che pulsa e vibra per sessanta battute prima di sgorgare in un virtuale Niagara di arpeggi del pianoforte. Quel che segue é una melodia assolutamente familiare, una specie di Ur-Melodie. Pensate di averla già sentita, ma non riuscite a ricordare dove o quando. In realtà é un motivo originale’ [John Adams, Hallelujah Junction, EDT]. Questo passaggio mi é rivenuto in mente ascoltando Variety of Rhythm, una suite composta dal chitarrista svedese Samuel Hällkvist. Un lavoro che é più… Continue reading