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Troot – Constance and the Waiting [2018] pt.2

By Marcello Nardi Aug 22, 2018 1

Like every note could bring a secret mark of how it was played, the story behind Troot‘s Constance and the Waiting is first and foremost the story of the players who made it happen. Through the shortest time this team of ten musicians, each with such a different background from each other, managed to arrange and play a complex piece of music that sits in an area between progressive, chamber and avant-garde. And the sense of fulfillment for making it happen subtly springs as the listener plays it. Constance and the Waiting by TROOT Pressure and urgency were key elements… Continue reading

Troot – Constance and the Waiting [2018] pt.1

By Marcello Nardi Aug 16, 2018 1

Some years ago I was invited by a friend at a dinner in a fancy high-profile restaurant in Milan. Purpose of the event was not quite eating, but cooking for others, even though none there was even an amateur cook. I was thrown in a company of strangers, whom I soon understood were high potential fast-riser young managers, for playing a serious game to test our skills of team working. As soon as we were divided in teams and commissioned to create a menu for guests at our own will, we were to play our management skills and show how… Continue reading

The Outsider. Marco Machera – Small Music from Broken Windows [2017]

By Marcello Nardi Apr 22, 2018 0

In Small Music from Broken Windows bassist, singer and composer Marco Machera recreates a parallel world and shows it to us through the eyes of the Outsider. This is his third solo album after One Time, Somewhere released in 2012 and Dime Novels in 2014. It marks a discontinuity with the previous ones. In the former there were evident art-rock influences –Beatles, King Crimson, new wave. With Small Music from Bronken Windows we are witnessing a change of perspective: a concept of eleven tracks encapsulated in dark atmospheres, bloody blues shaded in contemporary psychedelia and built around the strong core of… Continue reading