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Sirkis Bialas IQ – Our New Earth [MoonJune, 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Mar 29, 2020 0

Moving between soft-spoken jazz ballads to European folk and then coming back to Indian classical music, take the pinnacle of the tension in the closing Picture from a Polish Wood, Our New Earth keeps its promise to drive us in a journey through the world with highly crafted compositions, a cohesive intimacy between the musicians and catchy harmonic progressions. Soothing and meditative at same time, never self-indulgent, this recording is a portrait of a new Earth.

Mark Wingfield – Tales from the Dreaming City [MoonJune 2018]

By Marcello Nardi May 26, 2018 0

When in September 2012 Steve Vai showed up on Guitar World‘s cover along with emerging shredder Tosin Abasi, it seemed like he was trying to bring some fresh air. After the golden era of the ’80s and’ 90s, the electric guitar had – according to few- lost its charm, had less appeal on new generations, despite the explosion of many shredders on YouTube, it was – arguably- less innovative than the past. Yet the Italo-American shaman had no doubts: guitar would have been the instrument of the future. When listening to Mark Wingfield‘s Tales from the Dreaming City it is easy to… Continue reading

Wingfield Reuter Sirkis – Lighthouse [MoonJune 2017]

By Marcello Nardi Oct 29, 2017 1

“Nell’improvvisazione di gruppo si viene a creare un’intimità che richiede, man a mano che si sviluppa, una specie di resa” Derek Bailey, Improvisation Derek Bailey utilizza la parola resa per spiegare cosa succede all’interno di quella tribù temporanea, che é un gruppo di musicisti che suonano senza uno spartito davanti, quando un musicista interagisce con gli altri. Ogni musicista lascia andare una parte di sè, lascia uno spazio agli altri/al tutto e permette, quasi seguendo una convenzione sociale, di creare l’ordine superiore della magia dell’improvvisazione. Rileggendo queste parole ed ascoltando Lighthouse allo stesso tempo ho il problema di capire esattamente… Continue reading