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PoiL – Sus [Dur et Doux 2019]

By Marcello Nardi May 3, 2019 0

Sus is a show of force, an aggressive mixture of weird elements that PoiL craft with masterful skill. They never juxtapose different styles for the sole purpose of creating explosive effects, while they want to create a narration, connecting distant elements, that might range from math rock, to folk, to extreme metal, showing a virtuoso playing together with a virtuoso writing

Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar [MoonJune 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Jan 23, 2019 0

When I go to a concert I like to hear the ideas behind the actual music and how these ideas unfold and evolve over the course of time. In other words, I’m always interested in a process that is based on a good and interesting idea which is presented in a very clear and transparent way. The idea itself can be very simple, but it should have the potential to create complex and interesting results. With Sonar we often very slowly build up a piece where one instrument starts and then others join in. In that way, you can clearly… Continue reading

Native Construct – Quiet World [2015]

By Marcello Nardi Aug 21, 2015 1

Dopo l’ipertecnica esecutiva nel metal progressive da qualche anno é arrivato un approccio ipercompositivo. Non più solo velocità, ma strutture musicali sempre più complesse, ricche di temi e variazioni, modulazioni e stratificazioni. Composizioni levigate che non sempre significano maggiore durata. Che poi con questa ipertrofia tematica -tanto amata dalla parte prog del prog metal- si rischia di perdere il filo e far capire ben poco -vedi alcune cose dei Between The Buried and Me– é un altro discorso. Native Construct, anche se mantiene l’ossatura tipica dei 5 elementi prog metal, é in realtà ai credits composto da chitarrista, cantane e bassista. Influenze da curriculum prog metal, tempi e cambi complessi, ritmiche pesanti, tecnica… Continue reading