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Sirkis Bialas IQ – Our New Earth [MoonJune, 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Mar 29, 2020 0

Moving between soft-spoken jazz ballads to European folk and then coming back to Indian classical music, take the pinnacle of the tension in the closing Picture from a Polish Wood, Our New Earth keeps its promise to drive us in a journey through the world with highly crafted compositions, a cohesive intimacy between the musicians and catchy harmonic progressions. Soothing and meditative at same time, never self-indulgent, this recording is a portrait of a new Earth.

Mark Wingfield and Gary Husband – Tor & Vale [MoonJune 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Nov 25, 2019 0

Guitarist Mark Wingfield and pianist Gary Husband put our perception of time on hold, and start navigating a free form land, embarking in an innermost quest into Time itself. Evoking the refined dialogues between John Abercrombie and Richie Beirach in Abercrombie‘s first quartet, or the intimate interchanges between Ralph Towner and John Taylor in Azimuth’s Depart, the two write a chapter of incredible beauty in their Tor & Vale. Feeling no constraint to go deeper and deeper, they make music for people who listen to time, by people who listen to time

Stephan Thelen – Fractal Guitar [MoonJune 2019]

By Marcello Nardi Jan 23, 2019 0

When I go to a concert I like to hear the ideas behind the actual music and how these ideas unfold and evolve over the course of time. In other words, I’m always interested in a process that is based on a good and interesting idea which is presented in a very clear and transparent way. The idea itself can be very simple, but it should have the potential to create complex and interesting results. With Sonar we often very slowly build up a piece where one instrument starts and then others join in. In that way, you can clearly… Continue reading

Playlist 2018

By Marcello Nardi Dec 22, 2018 0

Playlist 2018 Antonio Sanchez & Migration – Lines in the Sand David Lang – The Day Michael Gordon and Kronos Quartet – Clouded Yellow Nik Bartsch’s Ronin – Awase Dinosaur – Wonder Trail David Kollar Arve Henriksen – Illusions of a Separate World Quartet Diminished – Station Two Perfect Beings – Vier Trio Heinz Herbert – Yes Ingrid Laubrock – Contemporary Chaos Practices – Two Works For Orchestra With Soloists Makaya McCraven – Universal Beings Syndone – Mysoginia Xavi Reija – The Sound of the Earth Mark Wingfield – Tales from the Dreaming City Dominique Vantomme – Vegir Dwiki Dharmawan – Rumah Batu John… Continue reading

Xavi Reija – The Sound of the Earth [MoonJune 2018]

By Marcello Nardi Dec 11, 2018 0

A photographer is literally somebody drawing with light. A man writing & rewriting the world with light & shadows – Wim Wenders, The Salt of the Earth For everyone who felt in love with The Salt of the Earth, the iconic picture by Wim Wenders about the life and the work of master photographer Sebastiao Salgado, watching black and white art photography changed like never before. The sense of emotional charge, the gut feeling that those images hinting at an inner sense of world and humanity provoked, all those things were disclosed like never before. The earth, in its basic nudity,… Continue reading

Mark Wingfield – Tales from the Dreaming City [MoonJune 2018]

By Marcello Nardi May 26, 2018 0

When in September 2012 Steve Vai showed up on Guitar World‘s cover along with emerging shredder Tosin Abasi, it seemed like he was trying to bring some fresh air. After the golden era of the ’80s and’ 90s, the electric guitar had – according to few- lost its charm, had less appeal on new generations, despite the explosion of many shredders on YouTube, it was – arguably- less innovative than the past. Yet the Italo-American shaman had no doubts: guitar would have been the instrument of the future. When listening to Mark Wingfield‘s Tales from the Dreaming City it is easy to… Continue reading

Slivovitz – LiveR [MoonJune 2018]

By Marcello Nardi Dec 17, 2017 0

English version Se chiedete a mia madre il suo attore preferito lei vi risponde Humphrey Bogart. ‘Ma non é bello’ ‘Si, ma é affascinante’. E poi vi fa una sfilza di attori belli che non ballano. Ecco, uso questa metafora per dire che un bel disco da studio seguito da un live non all’altezza, é un bello che non balla. Esempio che non si addice proprio a LiveR degli Slivovitz, visto che é un lavoro che balla un prog tiratissimo dal sapore di funk, incrociato tra tempi composti, groove aggressivi e melodie etniche. Nati nel 2001 a Napoli, hanno alle spalle 5… Continue reading

Markus Reuter feat. Sonar and Tobias Reber – Falling for Ascension [Ronin Rhythm Records 2017]

By Marcello Nardi Dec 6, 2017 0

English version Su un muro della mia città, peraltro abbastanza coperto dal sole, campeggiava un verso del poeta Paul Eluard, Nulla potrà turbare l’ordine della luce. Mi é rivenuto in mente ascoltando Falling for Ascension di Markus Reuter, con Tobias Reber ed i Sonar. Un lavoro che posiziona l’ascoltatore in un mondo luminescente ed immobile, dove di fatto é lui il protagonista con la sua meditazione. Tutto é pervaso da un equilibrio tra la luce, il suo ordine rappresentato dalla disciplina minimalista, e la stabilità, la protezione dal turbamento dell’estasi e la meditazione. La storia di Falling for Ascension inizia quando Markus Reuter… Continue reading